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Silicone Defoamer Formula And Use Precautions

Oct 20, 2017

First, the silicone defoamer formula Main content: 10% methyl silane oil, 10% sodium tripolyphosphate, 70% salt, 5% mannitol, 2% silica. In the silicone defoamer to play a defoaming effect is dimethyl silicone oil. Usually also need to use the next silica (that is, silica), the main role of silica is to help dimethyl silicone oil in the bubble in the dispersion, improve the defoaming speed.

Second, the system with the method: at room temperature first methyl silicone oil and silica mixed and then mix, and then mixed with sodium tripolyphosphate, mannitol, salt, etc. to stir well, you can get white powder Silicone defoamers of finished products.

Silicone Defoamer Emulsion: A defoamer of a white powder, which is cooled to a certain temperature, is added with an emulsifier and a co-emulsifier and stirred thoroughly. The mixture is then poured into deionized water at a temperature (while stirring slowly) To join, so as to get stable performance silicone defoamer emulsion).

Third, the use of silicone defoamers should pay attention to the following matters:

First, the lotion needs to be thoroughly stirred before use or sampling.

Second, although the oil-in-water emulsion can be arbitrarily diluted, but also the stability of the emulsion will be a sharp decline, such as the occurrence of stratification, so in the dilution, please add water to the defoamer and slowly stirring. It is best to add thickeners to improve its stability.

Third, since the emulsion has the best stability at the original concentration, the diluted emulsion must be used in the short term.

Fourth, to prevent frost! The emulsion is susceptible to damage to frost and temperatures above 40 ° C. If the already frozen emulsion can be carefully frosted, it must be tested before further use.

Fifth, prolonged vigorous shaking or strong shearing (eg using a mechanical pump, homogenizer, etc.) or agitation will destroy the stability of the emulsion.

Sixth, if you want to improve the stability of the emulsion, you can add thickeners to improve the viscosity of the emulsion.