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Silicone Defoamers Help Brewers To Flourish

Jun 21, 2016

Barley grains and hops in the protein and enzyme reaction gives beer its unique taste, but with the desire for development of beer in the world, large and small brewers also expressed the hope that chemical to help maintain maximum production efficiency.

Dang carbon dioxide bubble in a cup beer Shang formed a layer unique of Crown-like bubble Shi, too much of bubble is will brings problem, road Corning company recently launched high quality standard organic silicon of XIAMETER? bei, the company brand global market Marketing Manager buchasike (Buchalski) said, brewing process in the of boiling spill may will in competition fierce of industry in the hinder production, in brewing process in the added organic silicon elimination bubble agent be a solution programme. Organic silicon defoamer damaged and inhibits bubble help Brewers to minimize damage and closes down in order to clean up the spill. Before packaging, defoaming agent, together with the filtering process for stabilizing the turbidity removal of silicon dioxide.

According to the representatives of United States most of the brewery industry association wine Association statistics, production improvements for small Brewers have brought good news, and is likely to be the craft beer industry since 2010 13%, now accounts for United States beer market 5.7%.

Overall, the beer companies are working overtime in order to follow the development trend. Japan brewer Kirin Holdings Co said in a report, global beer production in 2011 for 27 consecutive years on record. This is due to escalating due to strong demand in Asia and developing countries. According to the report, production of 192.711 million liters of beer last year (50.9 billion gallons), up 3.7% from 2010. For 10 consecutive years, China is the world's largest beer producer-about 25%. According to the report, United States production declined slightly from the previous year, but still ranked second with 11.7%, followed by Brazil and Russia.