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Silicone Defoamers Help The Soft Drink Industry Water Saving

Jun 21, 2016

Business March 12 hearing, analysts expect the global per capita consumption of soft drinks will reach a record 84.5 litres in 2012, when soft drink industry when you cheer for this message, taking into account the production and bottling of soft drinks in the process the need for water, water conservation experts may have different views about this news. In fact, the world's largest soft drink maker Coca Cola Company announced production about 1 litre of beverages with a 1.25 litres of water for washing, cleaning and cooling production.

The United Nations Children's Fund estimates that 884 million people lack access to safe drinking water in the world, an estimated 1.8 billion people in 2025, living in severe water shortages before the country or region. Accordingly, the Coca-Cola company, Pepsi and other major food and beverage companies are recognized through the implementation of more efficient methods of producing the need to save water.

The Coca-Cola company, nearly half of its 2007 goals have been achieved, 20% by 2012 to reduce water consumption. Compared with the 2006 baseline, PepsiCo has until 2010 to improve water use efficiency is more than 15%, and will continue to work in by 2015 would yield water use efficiency 20% of global goals.

Reduce the amount of foam produced in the production process is the amount of water conservation measures.

"Bubble may lead to overflow the container and will extend the process equipment cleaning procedures, which not only improves the maintenance costs, but also to carry out thorough cleansing with water," Dow Corning XIAMETER ® brand's global marketing manager Don Buchalski says. "In addition, losses in productivity, resulting in reduced efficiency. Bubble may increase food processing time, lower productivity, and need to bring in more expensive equipment.