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Silicone Fluid Does It Hurt Your Hair?

Sep 29, 2017

Silicone Fluid is no stranger to the word, since the use of silicone-containing shampoo will appear dandruff, oil, or even hair loss, causing consumers to hear the word "silicon" is afraid. But do you really know what Silicone Fluid is? is Silicone Fluid good or bad for hair?

1. What is Silicone Fluid?

You know Silicone Fluid is a lubricant that makes your hair supple and smooth. and is often used in hair care products, such as two-in-combination shampoo and hair conditioner. Silicone Fluid is emulsified Silicone Fluid, in the shampoo to play the role of condensation and polishing, so that the hair looks brighter, feel more slippery. But Silicone Fluid is a chemical composition, if the excess will stimulate the scalp, causing hair loss, scalp drying, itching culprit is it.

2. How does silicone oil "protect" your hair

Why the use of silicone-containing shampoo will feel the hair smooth and shiny, feel a good change of hair? In fact, is the process of washing the silicone oil to fill the opening of the capillary scale gap, because of the strong adhesion of silicone oil, large ductility, the formation of silicone oil protection film is not easy to decompose and damage, can make the hair conditioner to touch the smooth effect of the shampoo. But in fact, the hair is just wrapped up to make you feel slippery.

3. What is the effect of using silicone oil shampoo?

If you use a silicone-containing shampoo, you can't wash away the remaining silicone oil from your hair, but instead let the silicone oil in the shampoo wrap the hair again. The old is not cleared, new and covered, long this cycle accumulated, the final residual accumulation of old silicone oil will be completely wrapped in the outer layer of hair, so that the hair is thicker, and the hair can not absorb nutrients, long time down will make the hair become dry, and even block hair follicles cause hair loss, dandruff and other situations.

4. Simply identify whether the shampoo contains silicone oil

Usually people can only passively listen to the ingredients of the factory, if the manufacturers deliberately misled, consumers are also difficult to find. However, the experience of the hair-raising division can be based on the feeling of shampoo, the hair after washing the moisture difference, blow dry the degree of difficulty and other signs to identify. Generally smooth-slip effect is particularly good, most of silicone oil containing shampoo. No silicone oil shampoo after washing is not particularly smooth, but the scalp and hair have a sense of lightness and fluffy, rather than a very moist feeling. Also see whether the product is a professional company development and production, do not rely solely on advertising and purchase of conceptual products.