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Silicone Rubber Can Be Processed Using Ordinary Rubber Processing Equipment

Oct 13, 2017

Silicone rubber can be processed using ordinary rubber processing equipment, but should pay attention to: ① the process to keep clean, can not be mixed with other rubber, oil or impurities. Otherwise it will affect the vulcanization of silicone rubber and performance; ② silicone rubber products in the oven for a long time hot air two vulcanization to improve the performance of vulcanized rubber.

One, kneading

Silicone rubber is relatively soft. With a certain degree of plasticity, without the use of plastic grinding machine or mixer directly used for mixing and mixing.

Second, the extruded silicone rubber is generally relatively soft. Extrusion effect is better. Easy to operate, can be extruded in a variety of different shapes and sizes of products, the processing equipment and tools are basically similar with ordinary rubber. Extruder is generally used in the 30mm or 65mm single screw, length to diameter ratio (10-12): 1 better.

Third, the calendering: rolling machine generally use vertical three-roll calender. For the production of film, the roller speed faster than the roller, the speed ratio (1.1-1.4): 1, the next roll speed and the same roller.

Fourth, the glue is the silicone rubber mortar or scraping method evenly distributed in the fabric to improve the strength of the film products and the ability to bend, so that the fabric moisture, to create high temperature electrical insulation materials.

Five, bonding. Silicone rubber can be used with many materials, including metal, plastic, ceramics, fiber, silicone rubber itself and some other rubber bonding, with silicone rubber itself can be vulcanized adhesive can be between the silicone rubber and coating to get the best Adhesive.