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Southwest's Largest Organic Silicon Project In Luzhou City, Accelerate

Jun 21, 2016

2016 is the city's industrial innovation development, to that end, the city will further grow emerging industries such as new energy, new materials, ensuring that industry achieved remarkable results. Sheng SI Luzhou base project is a key construction project in the new materials industry in our city, at present the project is pushing.

It is understood that he Sheng SI Luzhou base project by Zhejiang Sheng silicon industry in Luzhou Changjiang River economic development zone Investment Corporation acquired the silicone industry upgrade project, an investment of 600 million Yuan for the project after the modification is complete, and will be an annual production capacity of 135,000 tons of organic silicon monomer and downstream processing capacity. At present, the installation of technological equipment is progressing smoothly, threshold of the device commissioning phase.

Hop Shing Luzhou Chen jiangang, Deputy General Manager of the silicon industry: our project is still carried out capacity and rich of technical innovation, technological progress now, the principal device by 60%, is expected to be around the end of July this year, some debugging.

According to collection Sheng silicon industry Luzhou base project head introduced, organic silicon in industrial field was as "industrial msg", is industrial technology not missing of a high performance chemical materials, its application promote has many field of technology change and development, collection Sheng silicon industry Luzhou base project built production Hou, will became Southwest maximum of organic silicon monomer production base, effective help push organic silicon Shang downstream full industry chain development, upgrade I city materials industry of core competitiveness.