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The Application Of Wax Emulsion Is Widely Used In Leather Industry

Jun 30, 2017

  The application of wax emulsion is widely used in leather industry, construction industry, agriculture, paper industry, wood-based panel, wood waterproofing, light industry / rubber industry, ceramic industry, petroleum industry, textile industry, mold release agent, water-based paint and Water-based ink industry, then, for its preparation method, do you really know?

  Here, Xiaobian to share the wax emulsion is not secretive preparation method:

  1, melting

  The wax and the surfactant are heated to the temperature above the melting point, so that all the material is melted;

  2, stirring

  Stirring speed is generally 300 ~ 5000r / min, so that the system is completely transparent, which is completely at the molecular level of wax;

  3, emulsified W / O system

  The boiling water of the deionized water slowly added to the above system, the initial phase of water mass fraction of 25%, to be formed viscous paste, stirring, the formation of particles as small as possible W / O-type paste;

  4, emulsified O / W system

  Slowly cooled to 60 ° C, then added with ammonia-containing deionized water, and stirred to convert it into an O / W type dispersion. The addition of ammonia is to make the wax emulsion hydrophilic.