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Type Of Silicone Oil

Jul 14, 2018

Silicone oil is usually a linear polysiloxane product that maintains liquid state at room temperature. The structure is as follows:

In the formula, R is alkyl, Fang Ji, R'as alkyl, Fang Ji, hydrogen, carbon functional group and polyether chain. X is alkyl, aryl, chain alkenyl, hydrogen, hydroxyl, alkoxy, acetoxy, chlorine V, carbon functional group and polyether chain, N, m=0, 1, 2, 3...

The most commonly used silicone oil, organic group is methyl, called methyl silicone oil. Organic groups can also substitute other organic groups instead of some methyl groups to improve the properties of silicone oil and to be suitable for different uses. Other common groups are hydrogen, ethyl, phenyl, chlorophenyl, three fluoropropyl and so on. In recent years, organic modified silicone oil has developed rapidly, and many organic modified silicone oils with special properties have appeared.

Silicone oil, ethyl silicone oil, methyl silicone oil, methyl phenyl silicone oil, methyl chlorphenylene silicone oil, methyl ethoxyl silicone oil, methyl ethoxyl silicone oil, methyl three fluoropropyl silicone oil, methyl vinyl silicone oil, methyl hydroxy silicone oil, ethyl hydroxy silicone oil, hydroxy hydrogen silicone oil, cyanic oil and so on are divided into chemical structures. In terms of usage, there are damping silicone oil, diffusion pump silicone oil, hydraulic oil, insulating oil, heat transfer oil, brake oil and so on.

CAS: 63148-62-9

1 amino modified silicone oil

Amino modified silicone oil is a poly two methyl siloxane containing amino groups in the side chain or end group, also known as amino silicone oil.  This silicone oil is used as a basic component of textile softener. Because of its good absorbability and compatibility, amino silicone oil is emulsified by appropriate surfactants into microemulsion, and the fabric finishing can increase the softness of fiber material, so it is used as fabric softener and is suitable for finishing of various textiles. The ammonia based silicone oil can also be used in cosmetics additives and coatings. Additives, resin modifiers and brighteners and other fields.

2 silicone oil containing epoxy group in the side chain or end group of epoxy modified silicone oil two methyl siloxane is called epoxy modified silicone oil. The use of this kind of modified silicone oil can improve the elasticity of the fabric. If the silicone oil is used in combination with polyether modified silicone oil, the fabric has better softness, and it has the characteristics of anti wrinkle resistance and washing resistance. It can make the fabric better feel with the use of amino modified silicone oil.

3 polyether modified silicone oil

Poly (two methylsiloxane) containing polyoxyethylene (polyoxyethylene, polyoxypropene, fatty alcohol polyoxypropylene ether group) in side chain or terminal group is called polyether modified silicone oil, which can improve the moisture absorption properties of the fabric finishing. Due to the hydrophilic property of polyether group, the hydrophilic property of polyether silicone oil is increased, and the molecules also have hydrophobic group and hydrophilic group in the molecule, so that this kind of silicone oil shows good water solubility, and there will be no demulsification and bleaching oil in the process of use. Secondly, the introduction of polyether group also increases the moisture absorption, antistatic and easily decontamination of the finished fiber or fabric, so polyether silicone oil is used more in the softener, cosmetics and shampoo. Another main use of polyether silicone oil is used as a stabilizer for polyurethane foam used as a surfactant, also known as a foaming agent to adjust the bubble drop of polyamine foam. Polyether silicone oil is a kind of active silicone softener with the largest dosage and the best effect before the development of amino silicone oil softener.

(4) modified silicone oil

Poly two methyl siloxane containing side chain or end group containing shuttle base is known as the silicone modified silicone oil. This modified silicone oil can be used for fiber treatment agents, automotive polishing agents, coating additives, etc. Combined use of modified silicone oil and amino silicone oil can increase durability and wash off easily.

(5) alcohol light base modified silicone oil

Polymethylmethoxy siloxane, which is alcohol terminated or contains alcohol in the main chain, is known as alcohol light base modified silicone oil. Because the light groups between the terminal or molecular chain of the main chain of the molecular chain are reactive, their heat energy can be crosslinked, and this kind of silicone oil can be used as a structural control agent in the processing of silicone rubber, and can also be used for the anti - Bob treatment of paper. It can improve the resilience, softness, tearing strength, wear resistance, heat resistance and other properties of the poly - cool fibers and films, and also improve the formability of polyamin.

(6) phenol light based modified silicone oil

Poly two methyl siloxane with phenol light base capped or main chain containing phenol light group belongs to phenol based modified silicone oil. The phenolic base of the modified silicone oil has high reactivity and heat resistance, so its emulsion has good stability and wide use. If the amino modified silicone oil is mixed with phenol modified silicone oil, it can be formulated as a synthetic fiber oil agent with good heat resistance and good demoulding.

(7) Ryukyu modified silicone oil

The poly (two methyl siloxane) containing the Ryukyu group in the side chain or the end group is called the Ryukyu modified silicone oil. The Ryukyu in the molecule can react with the organosilicon compound containing the unsaturated bond under the action of ultraviolet and photopolymerization initiator. This kind of silicone oil is the main component of UV and electron beam curing silicone resin rubber. It is widely used in anti sticky isolation coatings and can be used as a demoulding agent.

(8) other modified silicone oil

In addition to the modified silicone oil, there are many other kinds of silicone oil, such as poly (two organo siloxane) polyether block copolymerized silicone oil, alkyl and polyether co modified silicone oil, alkyl ether polyether silicone oil, epoxy polyether silicone oil, amino polyether block silicon oil, glyceryl ether based silicone oil, phosphoric acid cool silicone oil, sugar polyether silicone oil, sugar beet, sugar beet. Base silicone oil and so on. These silicone oils have different functional groups, so they have special properties, but because of less demand and less market share.

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