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Use Different Wax Emulsion For The Top Coating Of Leather

Jul 12, 2017

  Application of Waterborne Wax Emulsion in Leather

  At present, the appearance of leather products have two major requirements, one is to increase the leather luster, such as lighting leather, paint leather, polishing effect leather; the other is not glossy, leather leather, natural beauty. The former need to use brightener, which requires the use of matting agent.

  Use different wax emulsion for the top coating of leather, and some can increase the leather luster or brightness, and some can produce extinction effect of leather charm.

  The composition of the wax emulsion produced by the bright effect is very small, the composition is relatively simple, in the leather surface to form a layer of uniform and continuous wax film, micro-film is very smooth, the light waves produce a strong reflection, which has a gloss The

  The deodorization of the wax emulsion particle size is larger, in the leather surface to form a heterogeneous and microscopic uneven surface, the light waves produce a strong scattering effect, scattering effect is extinction agent extinction effect of the root causes.

  Wax emulsion can be compounded with fatliquor in the fatliquor compound with a small amount of wax emulsion to improve and improve the effect of fatliquor, through the test proved to the leather fatliquor compound 1% to 5% wax emulsion, Can improve the filling performance of fatliquor, fatliquor in the fiber to improve the permeability of the fiber to increase the waterproof performance, so that leather feel smooth, soft, plump.