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Use Of Silicone Oil

May 13, 2017

Use of silicone oil

Two methyl silicone oil has a variety of excellent characteristics, so it has been widely used in various sectors of industrial and agricultural production, national defense industry, scientific research and medical and health care. It is widely used in electrical insulation, stripping, defoaming, damping, shock, rolling, dust, waterproof, high and low humidity and so on.

1, in the mechanical and electrical industrial application: two methyl silicone oil is widely used in motor, electrical appliances, electronic instruments as heat resistance, arc resistance, corona corrosion, damp proof and dust-proof insulation medium, currently used scanning transformer for transformer, capacitor, TV impregnation agent. It is used as a shock proof and damping material in all kinds of precision machines, instruments and meters. Two methyl silicone oil shock resistance is affected by the temperature of small, often used in a strong mechanical vibration and environmental temperature changes in large occasions, the use of instrumentation, such as: aircraft, cars in the instrument. The utility model is used for shock proof, damping and stable meter reading, and can also be used as a liquid spring and in a landing device of an aircraft.

2., as release agent: because of this product and rubber, plastic, metal and other non sticky, but also used as a variety of rubber, plastic products processing, mold release agent, and used in precision casting. It is not only easy to release, but also make the surface clean, smooth and clear in texture.

3, defoaming agent: due to the low surface tension, and insoluble in water, animal and plant oil and mineral oil with high boiling point, good chemical stability, and non-toxic, used as a defoaming agent has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking and other industries in silicone oil as long as adding 10-100PPM has good defoaming agent.

4 insulation, dust - proof coating: in the surface of the glass and ceramics coating layer and two methyl silicone oil, and heat treatment at the temperature of 250-300 DEG C, the film can form a layer of semi permanent waterproof, mouldproof and insulation. In the processing of insulation device, can improve the insulation performance of the device, with the processing of optical instruments, can prevent lens, prism mould; in the processing of the bottle, drugs can prolong storage life, do not make preparations for wall sticking loss; in the process of film surface, lubrication, reduce friction and prolong the life of the film. As a lubricant: This product is suitable for rubber, plastic bearings, gear lubricants. Can also be used for steel at high temperature of steel rolling friction, or steel and other metal friction lubricant, but because of the methyl silicone oil lubrication performance at room temperature is not very good, in general, is not recommended as a lubricant between the metal at room temperature.

5, this product can be used as additives for many material additives, such as whitening agent can be used as paint, add a small amount of silicone oil into the paint, can make the paint not floating bag, do not wrinkle improve film brightness, add a small amount of silicone oil into the ink, can improve the quality of printing, add a small amount of silicone oil into the oil (polishing such as automotive glazing oil), can increase the brightness, protective film, and has a good waterproof effect.

6, in the medical and health applications: two methyl silicone oil is not toxic to the human body, nor is it broken by body fluids, so it is also widely used in the medical and health undertakings. The defoaming effect, oral gastrointestinal dimethicone made, pulmonary edema and other medicinal aerosol foam. Adding silicone oil in the ointment can improve the permeation ability of the medicine to the skin and improve the efficacy. Some oil plasters based on silicone oil have good curative effect on scald, dermatitis and bedsore. The anticoagulant effect of silicone oil can be used to treat the surface of blood vessel and prolong the storage time of blood sample.

7, other aspects: This product also has many uses in other aspects. Such as: using its flash point high, odorless, colorless, transparent and non-toxic to the human body and other characteristics, in steel, glass, ceramics and other industrial and scientific research, as oil bath or thermostat in the heat carrier. It can be used as hydraulic oil, especially aviation hydraulic oil, because of its good shearing resistance. With its rayon spinning processing, can eliminate static electricity, improve the quality of cocoons. Adding silicone oil to cosmetics can improve the moisturizing and protective effects of skin and so on.

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