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Wax Emulsion Application In Leather

Sep 13, 2017

Wax emulsion is an important additive of finishing material, which can improve the softness, plasticity and feel of leather finishing layer remarkably. Nature: It is the emulsion of natural wax and/or synthetic wax. Low melting point wax can give the leather surface wax sense, the appropriate closed grain surface disability, but also improve the skin stacking, to prevent ironing or embossing when the sticky plate. High melting point of the wax emulsion, it can give high-gloss, can be polished, excellent transparency, can be used for aniline finishing.

At present, the appearance of leather products have two major categories of requirements, one is to increase the luster of leather, such as light leather, paint leather, polishing effect leather, and so on; the other is not to gloss, so that leather presents the leather feeling, natural beauty. The former need to use Brightener, the latter need to use extinction agent.

The use of different wax emulsion for leather top coating, some can increase the gloss or brightness of leather, some can produce extinction effect of the leather charm.

The wax emulsion has a very small particle size requirement, which is composed of a single layer of homogeneous and continuous wax film on the surface of the leather, the thin film is smooth, and the light wave produces a strong reflection effect, thus having a gloss feeling.

The wax emulsion produced by extinction has a large particle size and a heterogeneous and microscopic surface on the leather surface, which produces a strong scattering effect, and the scattering effect is the fundamental reason of extinction effect.

Wax emulsion can be combined with fatliquor to improve and improve the effect of fatliquor in adding a small amount of wax emulsion. Through the test, it is proved that adding 1% ~ 5% wax Emulsion to the leather fatliquor can improve the filling performance of the fatliquor, improve the permeability of the fatliquor in the skin fiber, increase the waterproof property of the leather, and make the leather feel smooth, soft and Plump.