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Wax Emulsion Application Scope

Oct 20, 2017

Wax emulsion is an important additive for finishing materials. It can improve the softness, plasticity and feel of leather finishing layer.

Wax emulsion performance characteristics:

Acid, alkali, hard water, strong water solubility, emulsion stability, any proportion of water dilution is not layered, not demulsification, no caking, long shelf life, high solid content, good dispersion.

Wax emulsion Application:

1, leather industry:

(1) wax emulsion can be compounded with fatliquor

In the fatliquor compound with a small amount of wax emulsion to improve and improve the effect of fatliquor, through the test proved that the leather fatliquor compound 1% to 5% wax emulsion, can improve the filling performance of fatliquor, Improve the fatliquor in the skin fiber permeability, increase the waterproof performance of leather, leather feel smooth, soft, plump.

(2) Wax Emulsion is used as an additive for leather finishing

In the leather finishing agent by adding wax emulsion mainly from the filling coating to improve the coating feel, wear, anti-stick and increase the role of gloss and so on. In the early years, wax emulsions were prepared mainly from beeswax, palm wax, waxes, waxes, waxes and other raw materials. The production of these waxes was limited and the price was high. In recent years, the wax was used as the main raw material for the preparation of leather wax. To paraffin as the main raw material can greatly reduce the price of wax emulsion, and the use of the effect is not worse than the natural wax, is a high-grade leather finishing the main additives, can give the leather special brightness and wax. Can be divided into soft wax and hard wax from the use, respectively, for the bottom of the leather, the middle and top coating; from the emulsion of the ionic properties can be divided into non-ionic, anionic and cationic wax emulsion, with different ionic properties Of the finishing agent used; from the dosage form can be made of emulsion or solid wax emulsion.

(3) wax emulsion for leather brightener, matting agent and feel agent

2, the construction industry: wax emulsion for reinforced concrete curing agent.

3, agriculture: to prevent fruit trees, shrubs, etc. in the winter dormancy or transplanting process of dehydration dead, the use of spray wax emulsion method, wax emulsion is mainly used for:

(1) planting of saplings. In the field before planting pine trees, eucalyptus seedlings, first immersed in the wax emulsion, after treatment, the seedlings in the endure of the transplant or in the resistant weather conditions have been significantly improved.

(2) garden nursery cultivation. In the pruning or transplant process, after the wax emulsion treatment, the survival rate can be significantly improved. Such as in the dry season need to transplant a large number of shrubs, pre-spray wax emulsion to ensure safe transplantation.

(3) to resist drought and preservation. Sauces and shrubs are sprayed with wax emulsions to withstand tough damp environments. After the flowers are picked, they can be pre-soaked in water, and then treated with wax emulsion, the life of flowers can be significantly extended.

4, the paper industry: the vast majority of the paper during the paper with the internal rubber compound, can make the paper fiber inherent absorption of the retina has the ideal water resistance. Traditional fillers generally use resin, such as the use of wax emulsion, can replace the traditional resin dosage of 20% to 40%. The addition of wax emulsion can reduce the hygroscopicity of the paper and promote the uniform distribution of the gum in the paper fiber structure. Another advantage of adding a wax emulsion is that it can counteract the effect of the resin binder mixed with the various pigments, so that the printability can be improved and the printing efficiency can be improved. Beater in the sizing of the paper, usually through its surface rubber or paint to achieve further processing and refining. Is currently developing new varieties of wax emulsion as the production of high-grade printing paper hydrophobic agent.

5, wood-based panels: wood-based panels, including fiberboard and particleboard two, these two kinds of wood products are wood products comprehensive utilization of the product, its ingredients in addition to wood fiber or wood chips, the need for a certain ratio of rubber, Or sawdust after hot pressing treatment of gluing. A certain amount of wax emulsion is incorporated with the compound so that the board has water resistance and improves the surface finish. As the wax emulsion particle size is small, in the process of wood-based panel manufacturing, wax emulsion through the effective demulsification, can make tiny wax particles from the water phase precipitation, evenly adsorbed on the wood fiber, in developed countries, A piece of particleboard and fibreboard that do not produce wax emulsions.

6, light industry, rubber industry: in the light industry, rubber industry, wax emulsion can be used as polishing agent, paint and additives. In the manufacture of latex gloves pre-vulcanization process, or in the glue mixing tank, the wax emulsion can be added by adding 1.5 to 2.5, which can improve the mold's anti-stick, easy glove stripping. Some use of emulsion formula, adding wax emulsion can improve the use of latex performance.

7, ceramic industry: porcelain production process, the poor texture of kaolin, often need to add wax emulsion to make up its plastic poor or improve the strength of the initial product. The use of wax emulsions can also replace expensive vinyl acetate. In the ceramic production process, adding wax emulsion, can improve the strength of the original porcelain products, but also to improve its lubrication.

8, the oil industry: drilling fluid in the oil drilling plays a pivotal role. The addition of high quality wax emulsions to the drilling fluid can significantly improve its deterrentity and lubricity, prevent well collapse and increase drilling speed.

9, the textile industry: mainly for yarn finishing and textile finishing agent. Yarn finishing is the use of wax emulsion on the finished product line, this treatment can produce high gloss, deeper and more vivid colors, and high elasticity and tensile strength. Wax emulsion used in finishing is mainly as an important component of textile finishing agent, the purpose is to give these textiles excellent soft feel, good smoothness and gloss and so on.

10, release agent: wax emulsion as a release agent widely used in rubber or plastic products stripping, PU stripping, metal stripping and other fields.

11, water-based paint and water-based ink industry: emulsified wax can play to improve the anti-scratch performance of the coating, surface hydrophobicity and anti-stick anti-fouling properties, so that the coating more smooth.

Fourth, wax emulsion packaging and storage:

200 kg barrels, can also be packaged according to user requirements. In the 10-25 ℃ conditions, dark, sealed storage up to 6 months or more.