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Wax Emulsion For Wood-based Panels

Jul 12, 2017

  Wax emulsion for wood-based panels

  Wood-based panels, including fiberboard and particleboard two kinds of these two kinds of wood are wood products comprehensive utilization of the product, its ingredients in addition to wood fiber or wood chips, the need for a certain ratio of the compound, so that wood fiber or wood chips through hot Treatment of gluing. Wax emulsion A certain amount of emulsified wax is incorporated with the compound so that the board has water resistance and improves the surface finish. As the emulsified wax particle size is small, in the process of wood-based panel manufacturing, through the effective demulsification, can make tiny wax particles from the water phase precipitation, evenly adsorbed on the wood fiber, in developed countries, has not found a Emulsified wax produced by particleboard and fibreboard.

  The role of wax emulsion auxiliaries in water-based inks is summarized below

  The wax particles are added to the ink in the form of powder, water dispersion, etc., and the surface of the coating is changed by the migration of the wax particles during the drying process to the surface of the coating (the reflection, Wax emulsion refraction and scattering of the coating The change in the coefficient of friction; the hardness of the coating surface and the mechanical properties), so that the gloss of the ink (to improve the gloss or reduce the gloss), feel (smooth, oil and even astringent), anti- Adhesion and so on.