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Wax Emulsion Is One Of The Most Important Special Wax Products

Jun 30, 2017

  Wax emulsion is one of the most important special wax products, is a waxy water containing a uniform liquid, in its use, without heating and melting, but no need to dissolve in some solvents, with stable performance, good coverage, film Uniform, very easy to mix with other substances in the aqueous solution or emulsion compound, and non-toxic, non-corrosive, simple production process, easy to use, easy to store, cheap and so on.

  Based on the above advantages, wax emulsion is widely used in wood-based panels, papermaking, polishing agent, agriculture, ceramics, textile, rubber and construction industries, China is the world's largest paraffin-based crude oil, which Liaohe Oilfield Shenbei crude oil Wax content of 45%, Daqing crude oil in the wax content of 25% or more, Shengli Oilfield crude oil in the wax content is also about 15%, which fully laid the status of China's paraffin!

  In addition, from the 50's, foreign wax emulsion on the research and application development work, at present, with the application of this area in-depth research, developed countries, wax emulsion products have been formed series. Such as the United States developed more than 100 products, with a small particle size, emulsion stability, easy to use, the use of good results, the application can be described as very wide. In addition, Japan has also formed a variety of series of wax emulsion products.

  In recent years, although China has made some progress in the research and development of wax emulsion, but compared with foreign countries, China's research and production is still in the initial stage, mainly in the variety, poor quality, small scale, Can not meet the needs of all walks of life production, so some of the wax emulsion products still need to import!