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What Is Silicone Elastomer?

Nov 28, 2020

What is silicone elastomer?

Silicone elastomers are mainly gels formed by polydimethylsiloxane fully cross-linked. The mobility of polydimethylsiloxane segments and the good compatibility of silicone oils. Small molecular silicone oils (solvents) can By swelling, etc., the silicone elastomer becomes gel-like

Silicone elastomers are usually based on linear polysiloxanes, plus cross-linking agents and other compounding agents, and are formed through mixing and vulcanization. Polysiloxane is a type of polymer with a repeating Si-O chain as the main chain and organic groups directly connected to the silicon atoms. The bond energy of the Si-O bond is very large (451kJ/mol), and the Si-O bond is longer and the Si-O-Si bond angle is larger, which makes it easy to rotate between Si-O and the steric hindrance of the side group rotation Small, so the polysiloxane molecule has great flexibility and can be used as an elastomer material. Polysiloxane elastomer has good high and low temperature resistance, weathering resistance, electrical insulation, ozone resistance, physiological inertness and other properties. It is widely used in national defense, textiles, light industry, electronics and electrical, machinery, construction, transportation, and medical care. , Agriculture and people’s daily life. Its application has penetrated into various fields of daily life and has become a new type of polymer material that has received much attention in the national economy.