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What Is The Use Of Silicone Elastomers?

Nov 28, 2020

What is the use of silicone elastomers?

1. Silky smooth, unique moisturizing feeling: provide non-sticky silky smooth feeling in skin care and moisturizing products

2. Formulation additives: used as a thickener in water-in-oil and water-in-silicone formulations

3. Wrinkle removal effect: sebum absorption, slight sebum absorption, and can provide timely wrinkle removal effect

4. Silicone elastomers are often used in make-up, skin care and sunscreen, so that make-up, skin care and sunscreen products have the outstanding dry, silky and delicate feeling brought by silicone elastomer gel, while enhancing the flexibility of the formula , Realize the compatibility of a variety of organic ingredients, including natural oils, butter and organic sunscreens. Its refractive index is the same as that of solvent silicone oil, and it can be formulated with organic ingredients to make transparent products, giving the product an outstanding dry, silky and delicate touch, while enhancing the aesthetics of the appearance of water-containing or anhydrous formulations