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Leveling Agent RH-T1045 is suitable for all kinds of solvent system, leveling rate is quick, high temperature resistant performance, provide excellent flow leveling effect without bubble, excellent compatibility, does not provide handle feeling.

Product Details
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Coating Leveling Agent RH-T1045

A silicone coating additives which reduces the surface tension strongly, gives the substrate wetting and anti-piping properties.


polyether modified polysiloxane


A high efficiency Organosilicone surface axiliaries, 

(1)  To give the substrate wetting and anti-piping properties.

(2)  To improve the paint film surface anti-sticking property.

(3)  To improve the surface smoothness,scratch resistance.

(4)  To decrease the air draft sensitivity of the paints..

(5)  To improve gloss and the levelling,prevent Bernard swirl.

(6)  Apply to solvent-based, solvent-free based ,water-based coating system.


Appearance: light yellow to amber transparent liquid

Viscosity: 200-500cps

Non-volatile content: >97.0%

Reflexable index: 1.4300-1.4400


It can be added directly or added after diluted.

The recommended dosage is 0.05~1.0% of the total fomulations.


25Kg/200Kg plastic drum/iron drum,1mt IBC DRUM,or according customer’s request. 

Transportation and storage:

Transportation as non-dangerous goods.. Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 12 months of storage period. 


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