Waterproof Mosaic Type Roofing Asphalt Shingle Tiles

Phenyl Vinyl silicone resin RH-SP602 has the properties of low carbon content, anti-high temperature and anti yellowing after curing.

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Flexible Waterproof Weather Durable Coatings

Product name: Phenyl Vinyl silicone resin RH-SP602

Key Words: resin in coating, silicone resin for heat resistant paint, High Temperature Silicone Resin Coatings

Introduction: Phenyl Vinyl silicone resin RH-SP602 has the properties of low carbon content, anti-high temperature and anti yellowing after curing.




Transparent  liquid

Volatile  content(150℃/2h)


Viscosity(25℃,   mm2/s)


Refractive  index


Vinyl  content(wt%)






High film hardness, high transparency, small light fades, anti yellowing after curing. Meanwhile, it has the properties of low carbon content, no smoking after heat, anti-high temperature, not increasing the adhesion. Good attachment on PPA,PCB circuit, electric element, ABS and metals. Excellent heat stability, solvent proof and water proof.


Application and Uses:

LED and encapsulation of electronic and electrical components; can play the role of moistureproof, dustproof, anticorrosive, shockproof and sealing, and improve the performance and stability parameters.





Storage: Store in cool and ventilated warehouse.

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