Polyether Silicone Oil NB-6503

Polyether Silicone Oil RH-NB-6503 is Polyether modified polysiloxane.Apply for the soft and hydrophilic finishing of cotton,hemp and its blended fabric,can achieve excellent effection.

Product Details

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Polyether Silicon Oil NB-6503


Polyether Silicon Oil NB-6503 is easy to disperse in water and form stable,transparent aqueous emulsion.It is a reactive soluble organic silicone softener. The main ingredient is Epoxy Polyether modified Silicone, applied in various fibers. It endows the fabrics with good hydrophilicity and excellent handle and good dyeing property.


(1) It has excellent water-absorbing and anti-static property. 

(2) It has excellent softness, smooth hand feeling and elasticity.

(3) It has little effect on whiteness and shade.

(4) It can promote the cross-linking reaction of resin and the conversion of free formaldehyde during the crease-resisting finish. 

(5) It has no hydrolysis and bleaching oil, and it is acid-resisting, alkali-resisting and light-resisting. 

(6) It can be mixed used with each ionic dyes and auxiliary agents. 


Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid

Ionic: non-ionic

PH Value: 7.0-8.0(1% water solution)

Dissolution: dilute with warm water between the room temperature to 40°C.

Use Area :

Soft finish of various fibres and its blended knitting and tatting fabrics.

Soft finish of fabric which is requested good hydrophilicity,such as: towels.

Dilution Method:

This product is self-emulsifying. Only dilute with water at a rate of 1:5~9.

Put the polyether silicon oil in the stirred tank,stir and add small amount of water slowly at the beginning.Then increase the water volumn untill getting the required concentration and transparent emulsion. 

Usage amount for reference: 

Dipping process: The Diluted Polyether Silicon Oil NB-6503: 2~6 % (o.w.f)

Padding Process: The Diluted Polyether Silicon Oil NB-6503: 10-50g/l

Padding working liquid→(drying)→shape(the condition depends on the kind of fabrics).

Package:50Kg or 120Kg Plastic barrel.

Storage: Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 6 months of storage period

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