Coating Leveling Agent RH-T1023

Leveling Agent RH-T1023 is suitable for all kinds of solvent system, leveling rate is quick, high temperature resistant performance, provide excellent flow leveling effect without bubble, excellent compatibility, does not provide handle feeling.

Product Details

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Leveling Agent for Coating RH-T1023

A silicone coating leveling additives with defoaming properties.


Polymethyl alkyl-methyl aralkyl siloxane


Organosilicone surface axiliaries,a coating additives which slightly reduces the surface tension as well as display partial defoaming properties, used as a silicone leveling additive with defoaming properties. 

(1)It improves the surface property of solvent-based and solvent-free based  coatings,special with emphasis on leveling. Differences with most organic silicone auxiliaries,it takes into effect in the form of deforming (i.e. : no or only slight foam stabilization), ,this depends on the polarity of coating systems.

(2)It prevent Bénard cell formation.

(3)It is heat resistant up to 250℃/480°F  and does not decrease intercoat adhesion when overcoated.

(4)It can increase the smoothness of the surface,thus it improves the scratch resistance and abrasion resistance.

(5)In industrial coatings, it supports the orientation of flatting agents and aluminium flakes in metallics.

(6)In flow coat systems, it provides a stable curtain.

(7)In wood and furniture coatings, it is used to orient the flatting agent in flat topcoats and in multi-coat systems. Even in difficult to flat high-solids coating systems,such as polyurethane, acid curing and unsaturated polyester coatings, its usage does not lead to shining up. In addition, optimal orientation of the flatting agent is achieved.


Appearance: Colorless to amber transparent oily liquid

Non-volatile content: >96.0%


The recommended dosage is 0.01~0.3% of the total fomulations.


25Kg /200Kg plastic drum/iron drum. 

Transportation and storage:

Transportation as non-dangerous goods.. Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 12 months of storage period. 

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