Coating Leveling Agent RH-T1033

Leveling Agent RH-T1033 is suitable for all kinds of solvent system, leveling rate is quick, high temperature resistant performance, provide excellent flow leveling effect without bubble, excellent compatibility, does not provide handle feeling.

Product Details

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Coating Leveling Agent RH-T1033

A silicone coating additives promotes substrate wetting and acts as an anti-cratering additive.


polyether modified polysiloxane


Organosilicone surface axiliaries,a coating additives which reduces the surface tension strongly, used as wetting agent and anti-cratering additives. 

(1)  To increase the substrate wetting.

(2)  To avoid cratering.

(3)  To improve the surface smoothness,scratch resistance.

(4)  To improve anti-blocking property in aqueous systems.

(5)  To improve gloss,prevent Bernard swirl.

(6)  Good compatibility. Apply to all coating systems,such as solvent-based, solvent-free based and water-based coating system.


Appearance: Colorless to amber transparent oily liquid

Specific gravity(25℃): 1.05±0.05g/ml  


Non-volatile content: >97.0%

Flash point: >100℃

Reflexable index: 1.4460-1.4490


The recommended dosage is 0.05~0.3% of the total fomulations,0.3~1% in UV and water systems.

It is added during any stage of the production process including post-addition. Generally, add it when preparing the paints。


25Kg /200Kg plastic drum or iron drum or according to customer’s request . 

Transportation and storage:

Transportation as non-dangerous goods.

Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 12 months of storage period. 

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