Condense Silicone Defoamer RH-9501

Excellent foam breaking and inhibiting property, excellent dispersing property in water base system, excellent stabilities of water dilution.

Product Details

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Condense Defoamer RH-9501

Product Name:

Condense Defoamer RH-9501

Introduction :

Condense Defoamer RH-9501  is special organic silicone emulsifier, with extremely low surface tension and cohesion energy, it can eliminate formed foam and control the reformation of foam. As a multi-functional defoamer, it can control and eliminate the foam,it is a multifunctional defoamer. 


(1) Excellent de-foaming and anti-foaming properties.  

(2) Strong acid and alkali resistance properties.

(3) Good compatibility with other auxiliaries.

(4) No demulsification and oil separation out.

Basic Character:

Appearance: white to light yellow latex

Ionic: non-ionic 

Solid content: 35±2%

PH Value: 6.0-7.0 (1% water solution)

Dissolution: can dissolve in the water in any proportion

Use Area:  

(1) Textile printings and dyes process;

(2) Water based coatings and inks.

(3) De-foaming for the treatment of polluted water.

(4) Defoaming of mud in the process of oil drilling.

(5) Industry clean

(6) Papermaking industry

(7) Other water based foam.  

Usage amount for reference: 

Condense Defoamer RH-9501 :  0.01-5‰ (According to the foaming degree of the working liquid).

Because of the small amount of the usage, in order to measure accurately, it is better to dilute the original liquid 5-10times, then weight the amount required. Test and confirm the detail amount before the usage. Take care of over use, or it will cause adverse reaction. 

Attention:Take care of airproof after the open. Avoid direct exposure in the sun.

Package:50Kg or 120Kg Plastic Barrel.

Storage:Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. Half a year of storage period.

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