Silicone Defoaming Agent RH-9206

Excellent foam breaking and inhibiting property, excellent dispersing property in water base system, excellent stabilities of water dilution.

Product Details

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Defoamer RH-9206


Polysiloxane ,modified polysiloxane,white carbon black etc, emulsion


(1) Excellent defoaming and foam inhibiting properties even in a low concentration

(2) Good stability,easy to disperse in water.

(3) Excellent foam inhibiting properties.

(4) Good compatibility with the foaming media.

Basic Character:

Appearance: milky white to light yellow liquid

PH(1% water solution): 6~8

Solid content: 30±2%

Use Area:

Anti-foaming in paper chemical pulping

Textile processing ;

The system with high requirement for foam suppression

Using method:

Add  in the product after the production of the foam or add as the foam suppression components. 

Dosage: 10 ~ 1000ppm, the specific dosage is decided by the customer’s trials .

It can be used directly,also used after dilution. 

It can be added directly when sufficiently stirring and dispersion in foaming system,no need dilution.

The dilution method is attached. Dilution.

Dilution directly with water will layer and demulsify,and worsen the product quality.

Package and storage:

50/120liter drums. 

Transportation as non-dangerous goods.

Store in cool and ventilated warehouse.

6 months of storage period.

Long time stay will layer, generally it does not affect the using results after stiring to even. Storage period of six months.

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