Silicone Defoaming Agent RH-9300

Excellent foam breaking and inhibiting property, excellent dispersing property in water base system, excellent stabilities of water dilution.

Product Details

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Defoamer RH-9300

Product Name:

Defoamer RH-9300


Polysiloxane containing the Hydrophobic particles


(1) A 100% solid content defoamer.

(2) Excellent defoaming and foam inhibiting property. 

(3) Applied to the oily system and non-solvent system.

Basic Character:

Appearance: Half transparent to cloudy liquid

Non-volatile content>98%


Use Area:  

(1) Chemical industry: adhesive,ink,coatings,resin synthesis etc.

(2) Resin system: PCB inks,screen printing inks,expoxy resin system adhesive, phenol-formaldehyde resin.

(3) Fermentation industry

(4) Petroleum process:gas scrubbing,vacuum distillation monomers,ethylene glycol .

Using method:

Dosage: 0.05 -1.00%. The examination of the compatibility is necessary when it is used in the transparent system.

Because it has high active content,it can be solved to 10% with aromatic solvent before the addition. The hydrophobic particles is apt to deposit,it is suggested to be used up immediately after diluted. 

Package and storage:

20/200liter drums. 

Transportation as non-dangerous goods.. Store in cool and ventilated warehouse.24 months of storage period. 

When the storage overrun the time,check the product before usage 

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