Methyl Hydrogen Cyclosiloxane

Introduction: For the linear polymethylsiloxane, the mixture of methylhydrosiloxane is less impurity and more stable in structure.

Product Details

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Methyl Hydrogen Cyclosiloxane RH-H101

Product Name: Methyl Hydrogen Cyclosiloxane RH-H101

Main Composition: Methyl hydrogen cyclosiloxane (contain cyclic hydrogen)


Appearance: colourless transparent liquid

D4H+D5H content: >70%

Visosity: <2cs

Performance and Usage:

Methyl hydrogen cyclosiloxane, relative to linear Poly-methyl hydrogen polysiloxane, has little impurity, high purity, fixed construction , easy to change the formula’s designing, and can be used to manufacture methyl hydrogen siloxane and modification siloxane with defined hydrogen content, such as high molecular weight Hydrogen silicone oil, Hydroxy polysiloxane, Polyether silicone oil, Siloxane silicone oil, Hydroxy silicone oil, Amino silicone oil, silicone rubber cross linker, etc.

Package:  50kg, 25KG, 200KG barrel.

Storage: Sealed and packed in cool and dried place, avoid from the contact with acid ,alkaline and fire.



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