Powder Silicone Surfactactant RH-1208

Powder Silicone Surfactant RH-1208The main active ingrediates of powder silicone surfactant is a polyether-modified trisiloxane.CAS No.: 67674-67-3Other name: Agricultural Silicone Spreading and Penet

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Powder Silicone Surfactant RH-1208

The main active ingrediates of powder silicone surfactant is a polyether-modified trisiloxane.

CAS No.: 67674-67-3

Other name: Agricultural Silicone Spreading and Penetrating Agent RH-1208



It is a special modified silicone surfactant. It has low surface tension. After mixing with pesticide at the certain proportion, it can make pesticide wet and spread on the surface of leaves, penetrating the pesticide in the stomatal of plant, which is extremely effective to improve the pesticide efficacy.


Physical and chemical index


Technical Specifications


White or light yellow powder

Main active ingredient content


Surface tension (0.1%)



1.  Dry solid powder, can be added easily into Powder formulations

2.  Enhance the spreading and penetrating property of agrochemicals, sustained effect, and tolerance property of rainfall. 



Powder formulations of pesticide and foliar fertilizer


Dosage and usage:

1.In the powder formulations of pesticide, the dosage is 1~10%, Such as WP, GR, WDG, SP, EA etc.

2.In the powder of foliar fertilizer, the dosage is 1~10%


Package and storage:

1. Packing in 100L/ drum or 200L / drum,

2. Store it in cool and dry place.

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