Hydroxyl vinyl Silicone Oil RH-Vi307

It has very good activity and will have cross-linking reaction with Hydrogen-containing Silicone Oil. According to the difference of content of Vinyl, it can increase the hardness and tearing strength of Liquid Silicone Rubber.

Product Details

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Hydroxyl Vinyl Silicone Oil RH-Vi307


Main Content:Hydroxyl Vinyl Polysiloxane

Characters and Specifications:  

Appearance:Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid.

Viscosity:(25℃,mm2/s):1000 – 2000

Density(25℃):0.9600 - 0.9900

Vinyl content(m/m%):0.045~0.075

Volatile Content:(150℃/3h):≤2.0%

Refractive Index:1.4010-1.4080


Hydroxyl Vinyl Polysiloxane has good activity.It makes the silicone rubber have good elongation and anti-tearing strength property.It can be used in liquid silicone rubber with different hardness and different mechanical property 

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