Modification Of Vinyl Polydimethylsiloxane With Special Structure RH-P315

Characteristics: RH-P315, a kind of modification of vinyl polydimethylsiloxane with special structure, with both internal and external lubricating properties, can improve the processing performance of materials, enhance fluidity, reduce equipment wear, assist filler to improve dispersion, form a uniform lubricating layer on the plastic surface, and significantly reduce the friction coefficient of the surface.Give the material better performance of skin-friendly and smooth feeling and scratch-resistant. RH-P315 contains vinyl group with reactive activity, when participating in cross-linked reaction, it's implanted into polymer systems permanently. With good compatibility, it can solve the defects of common silicone oil such as poor compatibility, surface stickiness, poor smoothness, etc. With small dosage, good smoothness of material surface, no precipitating, it has no effect on the processing procedure such as spraying, printing, electroplating, etc. This product applies for all polymer materials, especially for polypropylene and modified polypropylene.

Product Details


Technical Specification


Numerical Value


Modification of vinyl polydimethylsiloxane with   special structure


Transparent liquid

Viscosity 25℃/cps


Solid Content 150℃3h


Proportion 25℃g/ml


Freezing Point ℃


Flash Point ℃


Note: this value is based on Runhe internal test data for reference only


1. Fit for the engineering plastic modification industry. Improving the surface wear resistance and scratch resistance of the material, enhancing the impact performance of the material, and apparently improving the comprehensive performance of the product .

2. Fit for cable material and pipe material industry. It can disperse filler, improve processing performance, enhance material fluidity and reduce screw torque, as well as can reduce energy consumption, internal and external lubrication, and increase production capacity.

3. Fit for elastomer industry. It contains reactive vinyl groups, which can participate in cross-linking reaction, permanently implanted into polymer system, improving surface wear resistance and providing soft and delicate handle of silicone rubber.

Using Method

1. Can add it and other materials together, accurately in proportion, to double-screw extruder for melting, mixing and prilling.

2. Can add mixed material after blending with resin particles in a premixer, so that the premix produced is easy to be added to double-screw extruder for melting, mixing and prilling.

3. In the mixer, a certain amount of resin and powder material is used as carrier, and use it after blending with this product into masterbatch.


Amount of Addition

Usually, the actual dosage of 0.5-2.0% should be in accordance with the specific performance and formula.







The product is not tested or stated for medical products, and more details of our products are on the company's official website,

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