Organosilicon Plastic Additive RH-P450/RH-P470

Basic Characteristics: Organosilicon plastic additive RH-P450 and RH-P470 is dispersions of ultra high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane) (UHMW PDMS) in SiO2. Unlike other silicone powder, this product is powdery, but it can not lead to dust pollution. It is suitable for all kinds of polymer materials. It has both internal and external lubrication properties, improve processing performance, improve the dispersity of packing, improve surface floats, improve the gloss and smoothness of the surface of the material. At the same time, ultra high molecular weight poly two methylsiloxane has low migration and no precipitation, and does not affect printability and coating property

Product Details

RH-P450/ P470

Technical Specification:


Active   Component



Additive   Amount

Active   Content%

Physical   Form


Super high   molecular weight poly (two methyl siloxane)


Various   polymer materials





Super high   molecular weight poly (two methyl siloxane)


Various   polymer materials






1. In the process of filling modified plastics (such as halogen free flame retardant PP, ABS, glass fiber reinforced PP/PA, etc.), this product is a good filler dispersant, which can significantly improve the gloss of the surface of the products and improve the comprehensive performance of the products

2. Improve machining performance, reduce screw torque and reduce energy consumption.

3. Endow the polymer material the slippery touch, improve the scratch resistance and wear resistance of products, and reduces the occurrence of surface defects.

4. The surface floats of glass fiber reinforced materials are improved.

5. It can improve lubricity and fluidity, inhibit dissolution and improve demoulding performance.






The product is not tested or stated for medical products, and more details of our products are on the company's official website,




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