Super Lubrication RH-P800

Characteristic: RH-P800 combines the advantages of granular silicone master batch and resin particles for quantitative mixing.and the high molecular weight polymethylsiloxane (UHMW PDMS) is loaded on the silica. The carrier will not affect the performance and processability of the polymer, so RH-P800 can almost be mixed with all polymers. It has internal and external lubrication performance, can improve processing performance, enhance filler dispersion, improve surface floating fiber, improve gloss and smoothness of material surface. Meanwhile, UHMW PDMS has the advantages of low addition, no precipitation, no influence on printability and coating property.

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1. promote filler dispersion, can significantly improve the surface gloss of products and improve the comprehensive properties of products.

2. improve processing performance, reduce screw torque and reduce energy consumption.

3. give the polymer material the slippery feel, improve the scratch resistance and wear resistance of products, and reduce the occurrence of surface defects.

4. improve the surface floating fiber of glass fiber reinforced materials.

5. improve lubricity and fluidity, inhibit melt fracture and improve mold release performance.










The product is not tested or stated for medical products, and more products are detailed in the company's official website,

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