Oil Remove Agent RH-NB-1107

Oil removing scouring agent for cotton knitted fabric.This product is a special surfactant formulations.

Product Details

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Oil remove Agent RH-NB-1107

【Product Name】 Oil remove Agent RH-NB-1107

【Introduction】 This product is a special surfactant formulations.


  Excellent penetration, emulsifying, dispersing, washing function;

  Can quickly and effectively remove grease stains on clothing;

  Less foam, compatibility, resistance to hard water;

  Free of APEO and formaldehyde, green.

【Basic Character】

Appearance: colorless to little yellow transparent liquid


Solid content: 40%

【Application】Good effect on polyester.

【Usage amount for reference 】 

1.pretreatment degreasing processes of polyester and its blended fabric:


      Soda ash:0.5~4g/L


2.pretreatment heavy oil degreasing processes of polyester and its blended fabric:

      RH-NB-1107: 3~5g/L


【Package】50 or 120kg/drum

【Storage】Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 6 moths of storage period. 

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